I've been giving a lot of though to the idea of starting a blog or not. I needed a place where to blend my thoughts, my experiences, my daily activities and interests. Unlike the other topics as fashion or beauty, the lifestyle category sums up pretty well all of these above. Oftentimes my lifestyle posts are related to my location and life stage and I try my best to show as much as I can from my personality into my blog. This way I give you the chance to know me better and I write my posts with more pleasure and patience. A lifestyle blog is about uniqueness and personal mark and I try my best to keep it this way. I opened up the content in order to share as many interest I can. Writing all of these I hope to connect with people having the same interests and sharing the same experiences. I truly hope you enjoy spending time on my blog and find my posts interesting or at least enjoyable. I plan to continue sharing my lifestyle and open up to more contents for the future.