When in lockdown

We all know that the situation turned almost 180 degrees in the last months. Nothing is the same and we don’t have the certainty that it will be the same as before again. We had to change our habits, our mentality and social life. For some of us this wasn’t that hard and for some it seemed or it still seems impossible.  The fact that we don’t know for how long this “situation” will last is one hell of a challenge.

Some of us lost their jobs, some of us lost their business and so many have to readapt their working style to the new situation. Everywhere you turn there are people saying that you can use this time to grow, to develop and to learn new things. That’s completely true but the question is how to do it and how to find the motivation for it. How can you do this when maybe you lost your job or maybe you can simply not adapt to all of this? When all you want is this to be over?

To be honest…. I don’t have an answer for this and I didn’t plan to write a motivational letter too. All I want to point out in this post is that if you are lucky enough to not be in the worst situation, then take advantage of it and as everybody says: learn, grow and develop your skills. You can become so much better after this. There are so many free classes on the internet about everything; related to your working field or not. Maybe you want to learn a new program, maybe a new skill in order to improve your CV or maybe you completely want to change your field.

Think about this: you have time now, you don’t know how long will last and all the information is on display for us. If you have in mind to open a business for yourself in the future, do you know what it takes? If not… learn some management, marketing or simply search for other people who already did it and just learn from them. Or maybe you wanted to figure out that annoying Instagram algorithm to grow out your account. Guess what? Now you have time to finally take all those steps which will lead you into becoming closer to the “influencers” area. Some of you may have bought or received a more complex camera… Do you know how to use all its functions and menus? If not, google it, test it and explore with it.

You can find some free classes or paid ones on EDX, UDEMY, TEACHABLE and waaay more others.

Imagine that you are in a competition. You don’t know what others are doing at this time. We are all the same now but after all this will be over there will be big differences between the ones who took advantage of this times and improved themselves and the ones who couldn’t find their way. In which category you want to be?

To be honest, I didn’t read or took classes in the lockdown. I decided to finally open this blog that I tried to launch at least 3 times before; everytime with a different name and less confidence than now. I took the time of staying at home to finally invest it in something that I wished for so many times before. It’s nice to see that I can stay focused on it and probably if it wasn’t for this lockdown, I wouldn’t have started it. I am aware of the fact that many other blogs opened in the last 3 months but I don’t care. Here is mine and I hope you like it as much as I do.

The point of all this is that you shouldn’t stay home sad and upset about a situation that you cannot change. Try those recipes for which you never had time before, take those classes that might help you in the future, learn that program which will definitely improve your CV and give yourself a chance to be better than before all this! 

Stay safe and take care!