Top 5 villages to visit in Santorini

Top 5 must see villages in Santorini

Are you planning your next trip to Santorini? This top must see 5 villages in Santorini will definitely help you choose what to visit and how to spend your time on this beautiful island. 

Santorini is hands down one of the most beautiful islands that I have seen so far. It’s full of tradition, colors and life. Every village is special and can offer a different experience: Oia can offer beautiful and luxurious views over the caldera but on the other hand Emporio can offer the true side of Santorini, showing the life of the locals before and after the touristic wave hit.  

But enough with the general presentation and let’s dive directly into my top 5 villages which I got to visit and enjoy during my stay in Santorini.

Top 5 villages to visit in Santorini

1. Emporio

From all the villages that I have seen on this island, Emporio is definitely on my top. It enchanted me with its authenticity and it’s narrow streets. 

Emporio is the largest villages in Santorini and it’s one of the fortified villages of the island. The shades of the characteristically Greek blue is combined with the faded colors from the old locals’ houses. Many locals still live or own original cave shelters as they use to live in. 

2. Pyrgos

Top 5 villages to visit in Santorini

If you are in Santorini you definitely shouldn’t miss Pyrgos. It’s the highest village on the island and it was the previous capital of it. The village has one of the most beautiful churches from the island. In fact, not only beautiful but inside the casteli you can find the one of the oldest churches on the island. 

3. Akrotiri

We visited Akrotiri in the second part of the day and we couldn’t do better. This is a lovely village surrounded by many other attractions as well. You have history, good food, a lovely sunset and romance in the same area. The red beach and the prehistoric town of Akrotiri are close and this part of the island is definitely worthen your time.

For the sunset you can choose to enjoy the magic at Akrotiri Lighthouse and have a lovely view over the sea.

4. Megalochori

Megalochori is one of the island’s picturesque villages. Being in Santorini and not visiting it shouldn’t be an option. The village houses are following the traditional style, many of the churches are whitewashed and the streets are guiding you into a cultural journey. 

5. Oia

This wouldn’t be a Santorini post if I wouldn’t write about Oia as well. 

Oia has absolutely no comparison in the matter of stunning views and hotels over the caldera. This little city offers amazing and refreshing viewpoints over the sea and surrounding cliffs. Everyday  at sunset people gather to see the magical sunset over the Aegean Sea and the warm colors over the caldera.

The city is full of cute blue roofs which complete the landscape just perfect. Oia is the definition of modern village from Santorini. Everything is freshly painted, tourists are filling the streets and the terraces and here you can find probably the most luxurious  accommodations offering pools and terraces over all these stunning views.

BONUS: Kamari

OK. I know the title is top 5 must see villages in Santorini but I definitely have to recommend Kamari as well.

Kamari is the place where we chose to accommodate. It’s close to the airport, has affordable prices and the restaurants and terraces have an amazing view over the sea. If you are looking for decent prices and you plan to rent a car to visit the island, then this is the best place where you can choose your accommodation.

The beach of Kamari is absolutely perfect and the food is so diverse! You can even have a lunch and after you can get a beach lounge for free. We truly recommend you to visit this city and to enjoy a nice meal and at least a day at the beach. 

Hope you enjoyed my post and it will help you plan your trip to Santorini. I made this top 5 must see villages in Santorini because I got the chance to visit many of them. Social media presents us only Oia but in my opinion Santorini is more than that.

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