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To Plant Or Not To Plant

I posted many times on my Instagram photos with my plant buddies from my little studio and the audience was great. I had no idea that I have so many plant lovers through my friends and followers.

To be honest, I haven’t been a plant lover since long ago. My mom was though. As I grew up I was always noticing her taking care of her plants and being proud of how pretty they are but… I wasn’t really interested in them. We were just… flat mates.

I have many plants now and I grew up with them and learned how to take care of them but every plant that I bought from Ikea sooner or later died. I don’t like to generalize. Maybe I had bad luck but I learned my lesson.

My favorite plants are the air purifying plants. These are the majority in our studio. They are nice, always green and they have many benefits:

  • Improve the air quality by absorbing toxins and increasing the oxygen
  • Control the humidity of the space in order to make it optimum for us
  • Make the rooms cozier
  • Psychologically, people tend to prefer the rooms which have plants and develop an attachment for these   
  • Improves productivity and reduce stress

I still haven’t reached the desired number of plants that I wish for but I am definitely on my way. The coffee tastes better in the morning close to my little plant buddies and working next to them it’s definitely a pleasure.