A picturesque landscape, beautiful fairy tale streets and a realxing enviorment-all these you can enjoy in the beautiful region Upper Austria

9 Reasons to visit Upper Austria

What are you looking for your next destination? Are you interested in nature, beautiful landscapes and tranquility? Are you looking for a way to get away from the big city life or to just explore some new lands?  If these are describing your type of holiday, then you should definitely give Upper Austria try. If all these are not enough, then take a look over these 9 reasons to help you decide better: 

1. The shop windows are part of the fairy tale

It feels so nice to walk on the streets and be surrounded by this beautifully decorated shop windows. They are perfectly integrated into the picture and create a real life fantasy.

2. You can enjoy a drink and a beautiful landscape in the same time

The best thing after sight-seeing is that you can relax somewhere and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink; but when all these happen around an amazing lake and the place offers you a great view over the landscape, that’s even better. You will find many restaurants offering charming views and making you feel part of the landscape.

3. Flowers everywhere you go

The locals really know how to present their houses and their public spaces. The streets are surrounded by beautiful flowers and they are constantly taking care of. It gives a nice touch to the place and makes you feel warm and welcomed.

4. Hallstadt - a real fairy tale of Upper Austria

Hallstadt is a very little and pretty village in Upper Austria. It’s one of the most touristic place from the area. The main reason for this is that it was the inspiration for the Disney animation “Frozen”. It’s part of the Unesco world heritage and it gathers around 10,000 tourist per day.  In case you wander in Upper Austria, at least one day trip here is mandatory!

5. You can see Alpacas - real and fluffy Alpacas

Yes, you read well: Alpacas in Austria. Originally alpacas come from Peru but more and more animals are located in Europe because of the special quality of their fiber. You can visit Attersee Attergau farm and have fun by taking photos, having a tour or simply being close to these beautiful animals. You can check this link for more information.

6. Wherever you go, you have a nice view over the city church

These villages around the lakes are way to nice to be missed. They offer an amazing view not only over the lake but over themselves as well. Wherever you walk, you can be sure that you will notice a church or, if not, of the closest village.

7. You won't get lost

Wherever you want to go, you should know that is well flagged and easy to reach. Either you are looking for a landmark or another village, you will definitely find your way there in a very good time and easy route.

8. The vibe of the streets

All of the houses in Upper Austria are well maintained and in a very nice condition.  You will find plenty of terraces where to enjoy a coffee and a delicious strudel while admiring the nice little squares and buildings surrounding them.

9. It's not all about Hallstadt

If you plan to make a tour in Upper Austria, then you should know that there are more villages which deserve your time and attention.  Don’t forget to put a pin on Mondsee, St Wolfganf im Salzkammergut (photo) and Bad Ischl.

All in all, Upper Austria is an incredible region to explore and it can offer so much more that a famous set of a Disney animation. Explore more than the internet is showing and I am sure you will be more then happy with your new chosen destination!

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