Few easy ways to less plastic

There are many ways of giving up plastic. You can find thousands of possibilities of doing so. Some of them are easy and some of them are harder and require a bigger sacrifice.

I am not an ecologist or earth activist but I like to think that my day by day activities and habits can make a change. I would be even happier if at the end of this post, some of you would consider these small life adjustments. 

I didn’t even know when I started to realize that I can make a change in my daily routine to avoid plastic that is literally unnecessary. I found easy solutions for some of my habits and it became part of my conscience to pick more carefully the products that I use. 

You can find below the categories that drew my attention and the solutions that I found for them. These are some ways which can be followed by someone who doesn’t want to put effort into it as well. They are very easy and they don’t require a big sacrifice but if we would all consider them, something would definitely change.

Doing groceries:

Ok, here is the easiest way to avoid the useless plastic and I know many people are already practicing these: 

  • Carry reusable shopping bags. Now there are so many textile bags which can be packed easily in the purses that is no way of letting this point slip 
  • Bring your own recipient or textile bag when choosing vegetables or fruits from the market. This one brings me to my next advice:
  • Don’t buy plastic wrapped vegetables or fruits. There are so many companies who are wrapping or putting these aliments into a package … I really don’t get it. More than this, they are wrapping aliments who are already naturally protected by peels.
  • Avoid buying plastic packaged cold cuts: many markets have their own showcase from where you can buy the same aliments in your necessary quantity and usually wrapped in paper. Of course, you can bring your own recipient for them as well.
  • No more bottled water: there are so many good filters which are doing a great job with the tap water.
  • If it comes to crave for a juice or soda, choose them in a can or a box carton
  • This one is super easy: stop buying eggs in a plastic box there are so many in carton boxes
  •  If you use plastic bottles, milk bottles or juice carton boxes and you like birds (as much as I like them), cut the plastic ring under the cap in two pieces. Many cute birds are drowning with them. If we can avoid, then… why not?

Going out:

  • Coffee to go becomes a “no-no” unless I have my super cute reusable cup with me
  • I received many weird looks asking for a drink without a straw and I don’t see why. Personally, from my point of view the straws aren’t a necessity. I do admit that I have at home a very lovely and colorful set but… made from metal. Yes, yes… they exist and they are very nice. If you are really needing straws on your Friday night… think about the turtles.

In the bathroom:

I found it very easy to replace the liquid soap and the shower gel with a soap bar. There are many good soaps which offer good care for the skin and cleans absolutely the same or better. Now, don’t get me wrong… the problem is not with the liquid but with the package. If you find liquid soap in a box or aluminum then go for it but it might be hard to find…

In the kitchen:

Use reusable containers. Even if they are plastic… at least you can use them until you lose them or… some weird colleague steals them from your workplace.

As I said, there are many ways and I usually apply these ones. Being completely honest it wasn’t hard at all. Sometimes I do forget my reusable bags or I do receive self care products in plastic bottles but that doesn’t mean that hell will unleash over me. A change comes from small habits and if more people are taking them into consideration than it’s the best start we could have.