Sweet Recipes

I added this page to my blog because I love preparing dessert recipes. It doesn’t matter if they require baking or not or if it’s about just a smoothie.

Usually I bake using my family recipes or just combining different recipes that I find online and don’t suit me well. Since I have a gluten intolerance , I prefer modifying the recipes a little in order to have the same result but using gluten free ingredients.

I bake once per week and mostly in the weekend. My working schedule doesn’t allow me to take nice videos of “the baking process”, so I prefer using the weekend daylight. 

Each one of the recipes comes with either a photo of a video. You can find my videos on my Youtube channel here.

Please feel free to comment and suggest changes to my blog posts. Let me know if you tried my recipes and what do you think of them. I am more than happy to find out your opinion. I prepared few categories of my dessert recipes since it would be easier to find the one that suits you. To be honest, the Vegan one is a little bit challenging for me but I promise I will make progress and soon I will sure super tasty vegan recipes as well.

I hope you will enjoy my dessert recipes as much as I do!